Chicago, IL – The newly elected Board of Directors of the Hispanic American Construction Industry Association (HACIA) has chosen its new Board Officers for the 2012-2013 term.

The following Board Members were elected to serve as Officers:


Board President – Mr. Victor Ignacio Dziekiewicz

Executive Vice President – Mr. Javier Diaz

Vice President – Mr. Ivan Solis

Secretary- Mr. Rafael Hernandez

Treasurer – Mr. Jose Duarte.


Architect and President of DesignBridge, Ltd., Dziekiewicz (pronounced Jay-key-a-vich) served as HACIA’s Board President from 2008-2010 and board member since 2006. Dziekiewicz hopes to serve effectively and create a significant impact in the service of the membership. “We want to expand the role of HACIA within both the public and private sectors, create new alliances and develop existing ones,” said Dziekiewicz.

HACIA’s Executive Director, Mr. Jorge J. Perez, along with HACIAs staff, is charged with carrying out the organization’s mission of providing a forum to improve business conditions and opportunities for all its members through cooperative action and strong leadership within the construction industry. “I look forward to the upcoming year and working with Mr. Dziekiewicz in continuing HACIA’s hard work and its 33 years of success,” said Perez. 

The five new Board Officers are part of a 15-member board that oversee HACIA’s mission and purpose that articulates the organizations goals and provides resources for its members.



Victor Ignacio Dziekiewicz is President of DesignBridge, Ltd., a LEED Accredited Professional and licensed architect, who has won numerous design awards for architectural and interior design excellence. He has also been a Tenured Associate Professor of Design in the School of Art at Northern Illinois University. Dziekiewicz has served on the HACIA Board since 2006 and was Board President from 2008-2010. Born and raised in Argentina, he has also served on various public boards and commissions including the Chicago Building Board of Appeals and currently serves the Committee to Rewrite the Chicago Accessibility Code.

Javier Diaz is Founder, incorporator and sole shareholder of Seven D Construction Company. He is an Estimator, field supervisor and general superintendent of all worked performed in and out of the office. He has received the 2007 City of Chicago’s Outstanding Civil Contractor of the Year award and the 2006 Outstanding MBE Contractor award.

Ivan Solis is President of Solis Construction, Inc., an Illinois company incorporated in 1994. Solis performs General Contractor and Carpentry services.  Solis’ clients include owners, management companies, condominium associations, schools, both private and public, and major general contractors. Solis is certified as a MBE/DBE with the city of Chicago. Ivan has been an active member of HACIA since 2002. He has been involved with community organizations where he has performed pro-bono work.

Rafael Hernandez joined DEN Construction Management LLC, (DENCO), a Construction Management and Real Estate Development Company, as a partner in 2005. The companys projects include The Pilsen Little Village Mental Health Care Clinic, East Side Soccer Dome, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and a variety of private residential projects. Hernandez was Commissioner of the Department of Construction and Permits (DCAP) by Mayor Richard M. Daley on April 7, 2004 and served as Executive Director of HACIA from July 1999 to April 2004.

Jose Duarte is Founder and Principal at Blackwood Group, a full service builder/general contractor with design-build capabilities in both residential and commercial areas. Duarte is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois with over 12 years’ experience in engineering, program and construction management. In recent years, Jose has managed $25 million dollars of luxury and mixed use residential projects in Chicago. Duarte is also a LEED ( Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Accredited Professional.

HACIA was founded in 1979 as an advocacy organization and provides technical assistance to MBE, WBE and DBE firms with the goal of developing long-term sustainability and capacity. HACIA represents more than 300 companies that include everything from professional service firms to construction related businesses, collectively employing approximately 7,000 workers with an annual economic impact of over $400 million. Also, HACIA provides ongoing comprehensive business management assistance services and training to its members.

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