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Membership Committee – The mission of the Membership committee is dedicated to supporting the needs of the association and their members in establishing opportunities to improve businesses establish networking forums, enhancing professional growth and updated industry news.

Sustainability and Technology Committee – The mission of the Sustainability Committee is to engage, educate, and train the broadest range of HACIA’s diverse membership, in applying sustainable building practices and remain competitive in the emerging green economy.


Contractors Development – The mission of the Contractors Development Committee is to ensure and prepare small businesses to have equitable opportunities to participate in contracts within the private and government sector. The Contractors Development Committee seeks to fund, create, and implement a business development curriculum, provide business training and technical assistance to all members to improve skills, techniques and methodologies that will expand their capacity and ability to perform in their respective specialty areas.

Finance Committee – The mission of the Finance committee is responsible for consulting with the Director on the annual budget process of the organization; for reviewing and making recommendations on the annual budget submitted by the President; and for developing and recommending long-range financial objectives for the organization.

Scholarship Committee – This committee oversees a separate 501(3) (c) entity from HACIA. Its mission is structured to provide scholarships to undergraduate students seeking higher education studies in construction related fields.

Professional Services/P&D Committee -Where it all begins! HACIA’s professional service firms create a link from design to construction, help promote and encourage business opportunities for members and create relationships between HACIA’s professional services firms, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Government Committee – The mission of this Government committee is to ensure the equitable participation of our members in the construction industry, while also promoting the growth, quality of work, professionalism and integrity of these member businesses. HACIA’s Government Affairs Committee will monitor public policy initiatives and our industry’s best interests, challenging legislation that negatively affects HACIA’s membership and proactively proposing & supporting legislation that advances HACIA’s overall mission. Become an ambassador on behalf of HACIA to government agencies.

Banquet Committee – The Banquet Committee is an adhoc committee whose mission is structured to the design, planning and coordination activities of the Annual Awards event.

Golf Committee – The Golf Committee is an adhoc committee whose mission is structured to the design, planning and coordination activities of the annual golf event.

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