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Jaime Guerrero

Leon Construction Co.
1407 S. 61st Avenue
Chicago, IL 60629
Phone: (708) 656-6318

Jaime Guerrero

Board Member

Jaime Guerreo is the president of Leon Construction Company, a general contracting company specializing in demolition, excavation, sewer and concrete.

Jaime Guerrero immigrated to America on 1982, before that he was a farm worker at his parents’ hometown in Zacatecas, Mexico. There he understood the meaning of long hours. and hard work.His first job in America was in the construction industry. Along the years and as a man of all trades he gained a numerous set of work skills.  Jaime Guerrero holds a background of more of 25 yrs. of experience on the construction industry, which provides a solid support for every project.  Focusing on providing a hundred percent client satisfaction maintaining the project schedule on time, cost on budget, a safety working environment and providing a quality product are his number one priority.

Jaime Guerrero is simply dedicated to grow his business.  As of  today, Leon Construction Company  has performed work with different public agencies as general contractor, such as Capital development board, Public Building Commission, O’Hare Modernization Program, Illinois Department of Transportation and as subcontractor for companies like Walsh Construction, FH Paschen, City of Chicago and Divane Bros., in areas such as excavation, grading, drainage, sewer, selective demotion, road work, site work, structural concrete and bridge construction.

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