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Advanced Construction Business Operation

The ComEd/HACIA Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) Training Program is a development training program designed for construction owners or managers on the skills needed to run their business and be trained in solar photovoltaic. Part of FEJA’s goal is to prepare a workforce for the future energy industry.  HACIA has developed a 6-month program that is designed for owners and managers who want to learn best practices within the construction industry to strengthen their business. It covers the skills needed to run a construction business and get them ready for the future energy industry. After completion, participants will have the opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry of solar photovoltaics.


Requirements for the program: 

    • Participants must be owners or managers of a construction-related business and doing business for more than 3 years and under $500K of revenue annually.
    • Recommend 9th grade level reading, writing and math skills. Classes will be taught in English.
    • Commitment to complete the 6-month course with all modules

Recruiting information:

  • We are currently recruiting

**Submit your application by downloading the form below. Email completed applications to Program Manager, Matt Smith,

***Click here to download application

Training Location & Class Schedule:

Classes start: On a Tuesday & Thursday, 5PM to 9PM schedule.

St. Augustine’s IWE Little Village Campus

2610 W. 25th Place

Chicago, IL 60608

***Click here to download the course information.

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