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What M.A.S is:

At HACIA, we understand that people and companies join associations for various reasons. We believe that they generally fall under three main categories: Membership, Advocacy and Services (M.A.S.) These are the areas that we focus on for your membership.

Membership – You join an association because you want to be part of a network of companies and colleagues that you share a common interest with. Also, you join because you want to network, learn ways and methods to improve and grow your business. At HACIA, we offer a wonderful array opportunities to do so. These platforms include our one of a kind monthly membership meetings, Breakfast for Success Series, our legendary Annual Banquet or Golf Outing. In addition, it can include calling our HACIA offices asking for advice or requesting a member referral. Warm referrals are key part of your membership. It’s as easy as asking one of team members to provide an introduction to another member company’s key contact.

Advocacy – Over the years, one of the strongest facets of HACIA has been our advocacy. Our organization has worked diligently to promote the membership and the issues that directly affect them. From working to obtain and hold onto their M/W/D/BE Certification to passing legislation that continues to open the doors for our members and the M/W/D/BE community to specifying policies that do the same with various public sector agencies. In addition, we maintain a strong line of communication and relationships with elected officials, their key leadership and public officials at various public authorities.

Services – There are many services that we offer our members. Joining an association allows you to participate in training programs and seminars that are specific to your business. We have seminars and workshops on a regular basis, along with a regular contractor training program that is administered through our HACIA Scholarship Foundation. In addition, we are continually building our Affinity Program that will offers discounts for various services and products that you and your company will use.

Furthermore, there is much more you can get with your HACIA Membership. Contact us and well get a conversation started with you. For more information on becoming a member, click HERE.

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