Chicago, Ill. – The Hispanic American Construction Industry Association’s (HACIA) fully supports the Chicago Infrastructure Trust, a plan whereby private firms will finance the city’s infrastructure projects for education, transportation and utilities.

HACIA backs the ordinance because it will put Chicagoans back to work, expand and modernize businesses to provide overall economic growth – all without raising taxes.

“This strengthens Chicago by creating jobs, renovating schools and modernizing transportation, which are all crucial to our city’s future,” said Jorge J. Perez, Executive Director of HACIA. “The Hispanic community is excited to be part of this historic opportunity to make Chicago a safer, more structurally sound and economically viable place to live for our children and grandchildren.”

Founded in 1979 as an advocacy organization, HACIA provides technical assistance to MBE, WBE and DBE firms with the goal of developing long-term sustainability and capacity. HACIA represents more than 300 companies that include everything from professional service firms to construction related businesses, collectively employing approximately 7,000 workers with an annual economic impact of over $400 million. Also, HACIA provides business management assistance services and training to its members.

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