HACIA in this week’s Crain’s Chicago Business – “Broaden Diversity”

Letters to the Editor
Broaden diversity

While Crain’s and Wal-Mart have done a good job communicating the challenges that have arisen with respect to minority vendors and contractor participation on Wal-Mart’s Chicago stores, we need to ensure that the company publicly uses a broader definition of diversity (“Broken promise,” Crain’s, April 11). Indeed, we applaud and welcome Wal-Mart into many areas in serious need of grocery and food options, butwe should also challenge Wal-Mart to look at the growing Hispanic market in the Chicago area.

For the past 32 years, the Hispanic American Construction Industry Assn. has promoted equal access for all minority firms to public and private construction projects in the Chicago area. Its membership includes more than 300 highly qualified construction companies, professional services firms and construction-related services firms.

We encourage Wal-Mart to look at furthering its relationships in Chicago by broadening its diversity plans to include Hispanic-owned firms on these and future stores.

Executive director
Hispanic American Construction Industry Assn.

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